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(Book of Dow - bbbfa)

JOSEPH DOW & (c1740-        )

 of Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts; Southport, Lincoln, Maine
and Oromocto, Sunbury, New Brunswick, Canada

After four generations of our Dow line living in Massachusetts - Thomas [b] Grantee of Newbury MA in 1639 (RN825); Thomas [bb] (RN829); Henry [bbb] RN3482); and Joseph [bbbf] (RN3475) - the fifth and sixth generations emigrated to New Brunswick, Canada.

Joseph Dow & [bbbfa] (RN3472) was a Tory - or Loyalist to the English Crown. He was in Boston in 1774,  took part in the Boston Tea Party, and then fled with most of his family to Southport, an island on the coast of Maine, for twenty years. Finally, he and most of his children accepted the offer of the Crown to relocate the family's ship building enterprise to New Brunswick, Canada - first at St. John and then at Oromocto.  Although he and some members of the family later returned to Maine, many remained in New Brunswick, including those of our Dow line of the sixth, seventh and eighth generations - Joseph & [bbbfaa] (RN3282); William [bbbfaab] (RN620); and John [bbbfaabc] (RN25).

My grandfather, Edgar  [bbbfaabcb] (RN15), his brother Marlborough [bbbfaabca] (RN18) (both of the ninth generation),  and their mother Ruth (RN26), emigrated to the United States in the 1880s.  Many of our line, however, remain in New Brunswick.

According to The Book of Dow there were almost no Dow immigrants to New Brunswick after 1880.  Those in the Province were almost all of the bcdgd or bbbfa lines (plus a few of the g line).

It is sometimes difficult and confusing to distinguish between members of the bcdgd and bbbfa lines because of the close geographical proximity of where they lived in New Brunswick and many similar name patterns.  Nevertheless, there are observable distinctions and I have not found any instances of intermarriage between these two lines.

The bcdgd line, beginning with Enoch, were Pre-Loyalists who first settled in Maugerville (Sunbury County) prior to the American Revolutionary War, later further up the St. John River around Canterbury and Dow Settlement (York County), extending up as far as Woodstock (Carleton County).

The bbbfa line, beginning with our Joseph (here), were Loyalists who first settled in the area of Oromocto (Sunbury County) after the American Revolutionary War, later further up the St. John River around Kingsclear, Douglas, Keswick, and finally extending up to the Dow Settlement (later called East Brighton), Lower Brighton, Woodstock, and Hartland areas of Carleton County.

My great great grandfather, William Dow [bbbfaab] (RN620), founded the Dow Settlement in Brighton Parish of Carleton County (no longer on current maps; sometimes East Brighton is shown, but no Dows live there now).  There are still Dows of the bcdgd line living in the York Co. Dow Settlement.

Detailed notes on our complete Dow line can be found in the linked infobase extract titled The Book of Dow.

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